* What is the name of your business?

Ace Handyman Services

* Who is the business owner?

Todd & Joni Concienne

* What year was your business established?

February 2021

* Give a brief history of your business?

We were introduced to Ace Handyman Services in 202 while still living in North Carolina. We wanted to get back home to Southeast Texas where we were born and raised and were our families resided. Ace Handyman Services was a way for us to do that and reconnect with the communities that we grew up, raised our family in, and love.

* What type of merchandise/service is sold here?

We provide professional handyman services to residential and commercial clients.

* How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

We have always loved “fixing” things around our homes and we have a passion for helping people. When we learned that the Ace Hardware Corporation had a professional handyman service, we were all in. We love the opportunity to be a nationally recognized brand but at the same time being able to be locally owned and operated in our own community.

* What is unique about your business?

As part of the Ace Hardware brand, we are a legitimate business, our team members work directly for us, and that allows us to bring the helpful nature of Ace to our customer’s homes and businesses. Our secret is service. From our office staff to our technicians in the field we serve with a helpful heart.

* What keeps your customers coming back?

It is the character of our team members and the values we work and live by. We built relationships. That is important to our customers. We answered the phone when you call, we provide quality craftsman ship and quality services, we warranty our work, and where there when you need us.

* What is your personal secret to success?

I would say it is being professional and really caring enough to find solutions to people’s problems. That is really what we do, we solve problems and we enjoy doing it. Our greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the smile on the faces of those we help.

* If you could give your customers a message, what would you say?

Your home or business is often your greatest asset. Do business with people you know, like, and trust. Your home or business is a sacred space and it should not be trusted with just anyone. Always ensure that you work with individuals that are insured and bonded. That are professional, clean, competent, and caring. Someone that you feel comfortable and safe with in your home.